What to do when you don’t know what to do.


Dear Friends: Tom Antion and I are here for you.

How many of you today find yourself in a place of confusion?  Do you know exactly what steps to take next with your life, your business or your career?  Or perhaps you are looking to move from a “successful” career to a “significant” career?  Well, in 2002 that is exactly where I found myself.  I had a long career as a CEO in a European company and as an Entrepreneur but I was always an entrepreneur at heart.  There has been a significant change that has happened in our society, but few know how to capitalize on it. We have moved from a “credentials based” society to a “celebrity based” society.  The secret  to success today requires more then a master’s degree and hard work.    That is why we have put together a program called “FUSION-LIVE”.   Fusion LIVE will help you build your PLATFORM. How can so many talented, educated people be sitting at home collecting unemployment?  Or, how can so many Dentists, Doctors and other medical professionals be in a state of confusion about how to build their practices?  The secret is that there is a product line waiting to be born in each and every person.  Let Thomason Antion help you REPURPOSE your life, your career so that you can move from a point of “CONFUSION” to a point of “PROFUSION” with FUSION live~  IT JUST TAKES- 3 Prongs!   By Jack Thomason and Tom Antion.